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Billier's Book

What happens when forbidden experiments go right? Jerebah Vrint will find out... if he can avoid the Grand Council's Inquisition. 






Captain Patience Engleking, finds herself unexpectedly in command of an uneasy alliance of the crews of three starships aboard the Daekel as they hunt a deadly terrorist foe that threatens to destroy all three empires. But that foe seems to know everything they are going to do before they do it. Is there a spy on board? Is that spy the cousin of the Daekel's first mate?



 Written for students and others at the beginning of the study of chemistry, this little guidebook leads the reader through the logic and method of balancing chemical equations. At the end of the process, the reader should understand how to work through the process to obtain a correctly balanced chemical equation each and every time. Makes use of question and answer approach, working from the simplest reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to one of the most complex  reactions one is ever likely to encounter.


Here are five speculative short stories that came from the question "What if...?" What if weapons didn't kill but only made you so violently ill at the thought of violence that you couldn't do anything? What if God and Satan found themselves out of a job? What if humanity was a genetic experiment gone haywire because someone hacked the population overflow buffer? What if two little boys had the mental powers to teleport their favourite toy back from Mars...and to manifest their late mother? What if there was an AI vision for rebuilding a planet?


The Galactic Campground, a favourite summer place where various things happen. Some real, some speculative, all entertaining. Meet Molly, a dog who wins staring contests by cheating. Witness a family camping adventure that's all wet. Share the unwelcome surprise that awaits Jackson as he cleans out the outhouses in the campground. Feel the sad end of a little brown snake. And watch out for cougars...


When Arnold Waterman comes home, people begin to turn up dead, flayed alive with a high-pressure sprayer. Just like the one Arnold runs out of his van. The first is Nataly Volinsky, Arnold's ex-fiancee. The second also has a connection to Arnold, and the police have their man. At least, they think they do, until Nataly Volinsky walks into the police station very much alive and a third killing takes place while Arnold is in custody. Do they finally end up with the right suspect? Or has Arnold Waterman gotten away with murder?




What is faith? "Faiths" is a collection of short stories examining the concept of faith in as many cultural scenarios. "Osama's Dream" places 'Osama' in an unexpected position after coming face to face with his God. "Four Eagles" tells of the last journey of the title character to 'the high places' to commune with his Great Spirit. "Dogged Dreams" examines ideas of who, and what, is allowed into Heaven. "The Aikidoka" examines the meaning of spirituality in the real world. "An Impromptu Dialogue on the Left Hand of God" witnesses an argument about the existence of God from a scientific standpoint. In "Questions" a father who is a devout atheist faces answering his daughters most innocent questions about God. "War Is All We Know" and "Easter on Betel M" are explorations of the life and death of a saviour. 


Tanzanian journalist Zephaniah Musendo's autobiographical novel recounts the life and experience of his alter ego "Yego Mwamba". Wrongfully convicted on trumped-up charges of corruption, Yego Mwamba found himself behind bars, serving just over three years of a five-year sentence. The story tells his experience of the prison system, his difficulty as a prisoner with AIDS, how this event destroyed his marriage and the effects it had on his family.


 It is Barrington''s first time in Canada as a seasonal worker in the off-shore program...and he has been convinced to run away. Witness to the murder of an undercover agent in Toronto he runs away again, to find "the boat man" in Strathroy. When he does, it is only to find himself in the middle of a deadly vendetta that sees the drug and human trafficking ring of Black Michael and the Little Preacher From Hell set on destroying them.


The Ideal Gas Law, PV = nRT, is one of the most elegant and useful of all physical chemistry principles. Using real-life examples to demonstrate its use, "It's a Gas!" leads the beginning chemistry student through the method of using the gas laws, and also provides a valuable lesson in recognizing precisely what a question is asking.